7 Signs You Are Truly Confident

Jul 20, 2023 |

7 signs that you have mastered self - confidence



7 Signs You Are Truly Confident


Confidence is something we all want. We wonder how confident people stay positive, motivated, and live a happy life. The secret to this is they don’t always stay positive and motivated; they STAY CONSISTENT in their thoughts and beliefs!


The thing is, being confident doesn't mean you're perfect or that you never have doubts.  Confidence means you embrace your flaws, embrace the complex and complicated nature of human feelings and emotions, and know that you are doing the best for yourself. The problem is that confidence is not something you can just get. It’s not something you say or do to make it appear as you have it. 




It’s because confidence comes from within. It’s a mindset that needs to be nurtured. When you do have confidence, people will notice it immediately. 


I do not live by any means a perfect life. I have struggles just like you, but I've learned to keep going, facing the difficulties that seemed to be in my way and moving them out of my path. I'm here to tell you that you can live your ideal life. 


Even if you think it's impossible, it isn't. It is a mindset. When you learn to master your mind, you will master your life.


Are you struggling to be confident? Is your confidence holding you back from making a positive change in your life?


It’s time to get some serious self-confidence.

The best part?  These skills can be learned and honed no matter your position in life.  Just keep in mind this saying: “CONFIDENCE COMES NOT FROM ALWAYS BEING RIGHT BUT FROM NOT FEARING BEING WRONG.”



Here are 7 signs you have mastered self-confidence!


1. You are a good listener

    You listen more than you speak when you're confident because eloquence isn't the same as intelligence. When you do speak, you say a lot with very few words. But enough about the message.


    2. You aren’t afraid of being wrong

      Because you value the opportunity to learn from mistakes more than anything else, people who are confident know that they are always going to be learning and improving themselves. They don’t let mistakes and failures hold them back from expressing themselves. The real world is full of mistakes so take every chance you get to learn more about yourself and others.

      3. You are a student, forever

        Confident people are always learning and devote their lives to constant self-improvement. Whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, they strive to become better and make an impact wherever they go. They never stop improving and always make time for growth. 


        4. You don’t wait for an opportunity to be handed to you 

          Confident people don’t expect opportunities to fall into their lap, they go out there and make opportunities for themselves. They say yes to any new opportunity that comes their way, especially if it aligns well with their goals.


          5. You don’t get offended easily

            The first sign that someone is empowered by their confidence is that they are not easily hurt or offended. When a person is confident, they know their worth, and as such, they only allow feedback that will help them improve performance and overall personal development.


            6. You are decisive

              The most successful people I know are decisive. These are the people who make things happen without fail – they don’t sit around waiting for others; they just do it.  Moreover, being decisive will help you avoid wasting time.  


              7. You celebrate others

                Celebrating others takes real confidence. A confident person doesn’t need to put others down to ensure their success. Supporting another’s success will motivate you to pursue even greater success.


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