Emma Gibson

My name is Emma Gibson and I am a certified Master Life and Confidence Coach with expertise in counselling skills.

I have established EMPOWER Life Coaching to support women in their journey of transforming their lives, becoming unstoppable and conquering the fears that have been impeding them from reaching their full potential.

 My drive is to support women in living a life that is true to their purpose through empowerment coaching, but my journey to this point started a few years before I had even considered becoming a Master Life Coach.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”
~ Oprah Winfrey

My journey into empowerment coaching...

In my 20s and 30s

Throughout my twenties and thirties, I was a tenacious, autonomous, motivated, and prosperous businesswoman. I had earned more than 25 years of flourishing business administration, with my first directorial position at 23 and appointed as a managing director at 25—the youngest female MD in the radio industry! I had managed my own enterprise with success for 10 years, yet I never felt that I or my accomplishments were enough.

In my 40s

In my mid forties, I walked away from yet another toxic relationship and realised that I had to make a change in my life. Ultimately, it is foolish to keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. I knew that I had to transform my way of thinking and comprehend that the only opinion that matters is my own. A large part of my life had been dedicated to seeking validation from other people, not understanding that the only way to truly feel worthy was to validate myself

By the age of 47

At the age of forty-seven, I was filled with constant angst, questioning my purpose in life and who I really was. I would be on edge when my husband returned home, dreading the troubles it would bring. I felt confined and was smoking more than thirty cigarettes a day, drinking wine to help me nod off. I was striving hard to make everyone happy, including myself, but I failed to realise that I had slipped into a toxic relationship with both my husband and myself. It was then that I knew I had to break away, not only for my own benefit, but also for the sake of my ten-year-old son

I realised that the only path to progress was through self-empowerment...

 Realising that the only way to move forward was through self-improvement, I felt completely overwhelmed and my self-esteem had plummeted. Despite the overwhelming challenge ahead of me, I knew it couldn't be worse than the life I was living.

I left the toxic relationship with two choices: give up, or build myself up while staying loyal to my values. I trained vigorously to become a certified life coach, quit smoking, reduced my alcohol consumption, and began exercising. I worked towards developing an unwavering mentality. Nothing was going to get in the way of achieving what I wanted to become.

The only problem was that I had no idea what that was. I had to figure out how to give my life purpose. How could I show my son the way if I had lost my own way? I eventually realised that I had acquired codependent behavior traits during my childhood. To sum it up, I had always put others' needs before my own, and my sense of worth was inferior to that of others. This is why I kept attracting unhealthy relationships.

I mastered the art of setting firm boundaries and now can spot a no-good person from miles away!

Psychology Today defines co-dependency as a dysfunctional relationship dynamic where one person assumes the role of “the giver,” sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the sake of the other, “the taker.”

I want to share the amazing benefits of empowerment with other women

I committed all my energy and attention to discovering my purpose, but perhaps in actuality it was discovering me. I was meant to be a source of strength and self-assurance for all those around me. Not only did I realise I could do this, but there were already many people that I had helped and I will continue to help. I had been doing this my whole life for other people, I just hadn't known how to do it for myself.

I did it, and I quickly transformed. It was not a straightforward journey and it had its difficulties, but I have found what I know I was meant to be on this new road. I am now, at last, living my life's goal successfully. I am Emma Gibson and my mission is to help you uncover the courage and assurance through encouragement to live a life in harmony with your purpose

What my clients say about empowerment coaching...

"Emma has been a godsend to me recently. Her sessions are assisting me to identify my purpose in life again by helping me realise my current challenges and goals. She creates an excellent balance of direct questions and open speech throughout our sessions enabling me to identify what action I need to take. I highly recommend her coaching."
~Louise R

"Emma is full of energy, presence and kindness for her clients. She balances "tough love' with the clarity, observation, and motivation to help her clients move forward with more confidence and reassurance. Putting everyone at ease from the beginning she has the dynamism of an experienced coach bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that are rare gifts in a fast paced world where we need to settle and ground ourselves."
~ Eddie Gregg

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