Transformations my clients have experienced

"Thank you so much for my clarity coaching session it has made such a difference. I have really enjoyed it and already I feel so much more empowered to get on with what I know I want to do and be more efficient, I am now setting stronger boundaries too. I am ready to move forward and achieve my goals."

~ Cheryl Blake

"Emma is amazing! She was born to do this and help people. Just being around her makes you feel happy and positive. If you need some guidance and support, drop her a message."

~ Jolene Hall

"Emma has a wonderfully natural coaching style matched with a strong commercial acumen, a great combination that brings inspiring answers from within. This coupled with sharp accountability and insightful questions, Emma really creates space for personal growth."

~ Luke Bidall

"The first thing I need to say is Emma was super friendly, super nice and really easy to talk to. We quickly got a rapport built where we could have an open and honest conversation. I knew where my life goals were going, I just wasn't quite sure how to get there.   Emma give me the confidence and the tools to move forward with those decisions I needed to make. She also made me ensure that I put targets around these goals to ensure that I've done them.  I would recommend Emma to anybody. She is a really good life coach, really easy to talk to and really approachable."

~ Natalie Baines

"Emma has been a godsend to me recently. Her sessions are assisting me to identify my purpose in life again by helping me realise my current challenges and goals. She creates an excellent balance of direct questions and open speech throughout our sessions enabling me to identify what action I need to take. I highly recommend her coaching."

~ Louise R

"I had the privilege of being coached by Emma. She immediately put me at ease and I found it easy to communicate and open up during our session. She struck me as very knowledgeable and confident with a desire to help me overcome my issues. She is very experienced and I highly recommend her services."

~ John R Smith

"I’m a young business woman who has recently become a share holder in a leasing business. I went to Emma for some help. I was struggling with the overwhelm of having such a stressful role in the company. Juggling all the tasks and responsibilities was getting me down. Emma helped me break it all down and gave me some tools and resources to help me prioritise my tasks, spending more time being productive and less time worrying about the unimportant things. I really enjoyed my session and can’t wait to see her again. The books she recommended have already made a huge difference to me. I’m feeling far more in control and confident in my role. Thank you Emma and I’ll look forward to our next session."

~ Briony

"Emma is full of energy, presence and kindness for her clients. She balances "tough love' with the clarity, observation, and motivation to help her clients move forward with more confidence and reassurance. Putting everyone at ease from the beginning she has the dynamism of an experienced coach bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that are rare gifts in a fast paced world where we need to settle and ground ourselves."

~ Eddie Gregg

"Emma is a divine messenger sent to snap me out from my misdirected life and guide me in redefining my potential.  She is talented in quickly understanding her client’s purpose and mapping out alternatives for them to decide upon. As a gifted listener, Emma keenly hears you and gives you sound advice without mincing her words while maintaining warmth and kindness all through her sessions.  Through her coaching, I can now comfortably conquer confusion with clarity, misdirection with direction, apathy with fervor, shyness with boldness and many more. My mindset is set to enable me to achieve my life’s purpose and no challenge is going to put me down."  God Bless you very much Emma!"

~ Eugenea

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