Hidden to Happy

No longer feel invisible or hidden

 Transform your life today, seize the opportunity for change now and unlock your full potential.  With each passing moment you are one step closer to a better brighter future.  

Don't wait - make the choice that will shape the rest of your life.  


Break free from feeling "hidden" and embark on a journey to discover long-lasting happiness with my online coaching program.  Through self-reflection, understanding, and guidance, you will gain clarity of your deepest desires and learn the skills to boost your confidence.

Unlock your potential now and let the power of transformation take you to a better life you truly deserve!  

Invest in yourself and join today for just £49.  

Hidden to Happy is my signature online coaching programme.   Empower yourself for success! Transform your life today and join 'Hidden to Happy' for only £49.

 My life-changing course  isn't just about learning; it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I'm here to support and guide you, helping you gain clarity on your deepest desires and boosting your confidence along the way.  

Unlock your full potential and tap into your inner power with my guidance and support.
Stop letting fear and doubt keep you stuck in the same spot and start living the life you've been dreaming of!

Hidden to Happy is the course for you if you want to...

Unlock your path to happiness....

  • Prioritise Happiness: Identify and prioritise activities that bring you excitement  and fulfilment. 
  • Build Meaningful Relationships: Strengthen connections with others to create a supportive and fulfilling social network. 
  • Explore Passions: Approach your interests with enthusiasm and energy, seeking fulfilment through exploration. 
  • Release Negativity: Let go of detrimental patterns and beliefs, replacing them with a positive and empowering mindset. 
  • Live in the Present: Fully engage with the current moment. 
  • Embrace the Future : Open yourself to the potential for growth and positive change, anticipating a future filled with limitless possibilities. 

I understand that transitioning can be intimidating, but you are ready to embrace the challenge and take on this powerful programme :

  • Prepare to embark on a journey of transformation 
  •  Be willing to dedicate the necessary effort and energy to implement substantial alterations 
  • Be able to recognise the only barriers that exist in your life are self-imposed 
  • Fearlessly  tackle the obstacles that impede your progress  
  • Be ready to be truthful and sincere in evaluating yourself

Embark on a transformative journey with my FREE 'Enhance Your Life in 7 Days' journal guide. It's the ideal kickstart to challenge yourself and take those crucial initial steps in the right direction.
Upon completion, experience heightened clarity and focus, empowering you to begin your life-changing journey from Hidden to Happy! 

What are the benefits of Hidden to Happy?

Apart from the modules and workbooks, you will also get access to individual inspirational video presentations. These will explain how to make the most out of each module. My videos will motivate you and help you throughout your personal development process. When the programme is complete, you will be equipped with the right mindset, tools and skills to prevent you from reverting to any prior harmful habits and limiting beliefs. Your journey to happiness will involve:

  • Developing a clear vision and identifying your motivation to make it a reality. 
  • Creating healthy habits to keep you on track. 
  • Mastering mindset, enhancing your self-belief and cultivating unstoppable confidence. 
  • Conquering fear and embracing challenges to move past your barriers.
  • Transforming your life forever!

Here's what you'll get with the Hidden to Happy course

Hidden to Happy 1:1 Coaching

If you want to reach your goals quicker, you can improve your life by collaborating with me one-on-one .If you're looking to make significant advancements in your life and start living the life you crave today, I highly suggest my 1:1 coaching service.
Along with the course material you'll have eight personal coaching calls with me. You can also contact me through email and Whatsapp to clear any doubts between the sessions, so that you can stay focused on your goals.

The calls can be scheduled according to your availability, ensuring you have the time to focus on improving your mindset.

See what my past customers have to say about their experience collaborating with me....


Emma give me the confidence and the tools to move forward with those decisions I needed to make. She also made me ensure that I put targets around these goals to ensure that I've done them. I would recommend Emma to anybody.


I am now setting stronger boundaries too. I am ready to move forward and achieve my goals. 


I’m feeling far more in control and confident in my role. Thank you!

Emma 2000

Women's Empowerment Coach

I'm Emma Gibson - The Empowerment Coach for women who want to transform their lives, become unstoppable and conquer the fears that have been holding you back from truly living YOUR BEST life.

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Hidden to Happy

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