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Reclaim Your Confidence: Unlock Your Potential with a Women's Empowerment Coach

The Empowerment Coach and mentor for women dedicated to helping women overcome obstacles, gain clarity and take action in order to achieve their full potential and build the life they desire.

Knowing what you need to do to improve your life takes wisdom.  Pushing yourself to do it takes courage.”
~ Mel Robbins  

Empowerment Coach and Mentor

Are you feeling lost and not sure how to move forward in life? Look no further than Empower Life Coaching.
Led by Emma Gibson, a certified Master Life and Confidence Coach with counselling skills,  Empower Life Coaching is dedicated to helping people rediscover themselves and find their true path.

Through her own journey of self-discovery, Emma understands how easy it is to get too caught up in pleasing others and lose sight of your own needs.  Let her use her experience and knowledge to help you get back on track.
Schedule a  complimentary 30 minute coaching call today and begin the journey to loving and knowing yourself.

“Emma has been recognised as one of the Top Empowerment Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

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Hidden to Happy in 60 Days

Take control of your life and find your inner strength with Hidden to Happy! Unleash your potential and rediscover yourself to live an empowered life

Unlimited Coaching

Achieve results fast with intensive coaching.  You will  have me as a coach in your pocket!

Clarity Power Session

In this 90 minute intensive session, we drill down on a particular difficulty to give you a defined roadmap for success!

Achieve Quick Success with Empowerment Coaching!

Working with me as your Empowerment Coach, you can expect to gain invaluable skills and tools to help you stay focused on living a life that is uniquely yours. We will build a trusting relationship that will ensure you are held accountable to reach your goals, while being supported and encouraged along the way. Together, we will tackle any challenges that life may bring, and you will have the confidence to take on whatever comes your way.

What my clients say about empowerment coaching...

"Emma has been a godsend to me recently. Her sessions are assisting me to identify my purpose in life again by helping me realise my current challenges and goals. She creates an excellent balance of direct questions and open speech throughout our sessions enabling me to identify what action I need to take. I highly recommend her coaching."
~ Louise R

"Emma is full of energy, presence and kindness for her clients. She balances "tough love' with the clarity, observation, and motivation to help her clients move forward with more confidence and reassurance. Putting everyone at ease from the beginning she has the dynamism of an experienced coach bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that are rare gifts in a fast paced world where we need to settle and ground ourselves."
~ Eddie Gregg

World Vision defines women’s empowerment as “promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.”

Is an Empowerment Coach right for me?

Empowerment coaching can help you to gain a greater sense of control over your life by focusing on what is important to you in our coaching sessions.

Empowerment coaching can help you with many aspects of your life:

  1. Rediscovering yourself
  2. Improving self-worth
  3. Increasing confidence
  4. Foster a positive mindset 
  5. Navigate relationships effectively

If you're unsure of who you are, either as an individual or in a romantic relationship, I can help. As a women's Empowerment Coach, I'm committed to helping you set clear boundaries and make challenging decisions about the people in your life. In our coaching sessions, I'll be here to provide a comfortable, non-judgmental environment for you to grow and thrive.


I have enjoyed connecting with other coaches and have participated as a host or a guest on several occasions. You can access the recordings here:

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