3 Ways an Empowerment and Mindset Coach Can Help You

May 01, 2023 |

An empowerment and mindset coach can help you overcome obstacles and live a happier life. Read on to discover three ways they can help you!

Have you ever wondered exactly what an Empowerment and Mindset Coach does?

Or more importantly, how they can help you? Empowerment and mindset coaches use positive thinking techniques to help people achieve goals in all aspects of their lives. They also teach people how to manage stress and cope with difficult situations.

Is it too good to be true? It sounds simple written down in black and white, however, there is a lot of work that goes into achieving goals, and it most certainly requires a commitment from you as the client. An Empowerment and Mindset Coach will hold space for you and give you all the tools and techniques, but ultimately they cannot implement it for you.

Think of it like going on a journey… the coach will give you all the directions, but unless you follow the route, you will never reach your destination… you’ll end up going down dead end roads or getting stuck down a small country lane. And whilst it may feel like an adventure and take you to some lovely places, it will mean that the journey to your destination - your goal - will take you that much longer.

Empowerment and Mindset Coaches have worked with many clients and helped them to work out their starting point, journey and destination and this is how they can help you!

Here are the 3 ways in which an Empowerment and Mindset Coach can help you:

They can help you find your purpose

An Empowerment and Mindset coach helps you to understand where you currently are. That includes the difficult parts of looking at how your decisions and actions have led to your current situation. Think of it as setting out on a journey with a map or satnav - you need to know where you’re starting from.

This can be really uncomfortable, but it is also where many of my clients have their biggest ‘a-ha’ moments. When you really dig deep and unpick what’s worked well and what hasn’t, you can start to identify the things in your life, both past and present, that you love and that really light you up. This is when the energy really starts flowing and it is such a fun part of the process when you can find the things that make you truly and deeply happy. And this when we look at how that relates to your purpose in life.

Without knowing your purpose, you cannot be clear on your goals or have the confident mindset to commit to the actions needed to achieve them. Once you understand where you are and what your purpose in life is, we then move on to identify what really makes you happy. As Tony Robbins says

“Activity without purpose is the drain of your life”

You can go through the motions of what you think you ‘should’ be doing, but until you truly have clarity on your purpose in life, your actions will be meaningless and drain your energy.

They can help you set goals

As much as needing to know where you’re starting from is important, you also need to know where you’re going. Or else you will be going down those small country roads or dead ends. This is where the skills and expertise of an Empowerment and Mindset Coach really comes in.

If you’ve struggled with setting, or achieving, goals in the past, an Empowerment and Mindset coach can help you figure out why you aren’t achieving them. This is a crucial part to the coaching process, as I can really help you to understand where some of your blocks and limiting beliefs are. We can then work on removing them so that you have a solid foundation and positive mindset to move forward.

Of course, anyone can set a goal, but to make it a goal that will be realistic but also stretch you, requires a real skill and understanding of what makes a good goal. And this is a real strength of mine, I will push you and challenge you out of your comfort zone, because that is where the real growth happens. Getting up five minutes earlier every day is easy, but getting up an hour earlier than usual will be much harder, but if that is what it takes to achieve your goals, I will challenge you and hold you accountable.

“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for” ~Ted Turner

They can help you build confidence

So, you know what your purpose is and you have clear goals that will stretch you. The bad news is that unless you have the confidence and mindset to keep you going during those moments you want to give up, you will never achieve them. In this stage of the coaching process, as an Empowerment and Mindset Coach, I can help you develop self-confidence. This is done in two steps.

“Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude” ~Michelle Obama

Firstly, I help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Building on all that I have learned about throughout the process, we really do a deep dive analysis of what you can do well and what you still need to work on. I will share even more tools and techniques that have helped my clients to develop their strengths and improve areas in which they struggle.

Secondly, I will also help you learn how to manage stress and anxiety so you can focus on what matters most. You may have crystal clear clarity on your purpose and what you want to achieve, but unfortunately, you do not exist in splendid isolation and so there will be times when life will throw you a curveball or you will feel overwhelmed. This is where having a core set of stress management skills up your sleeve will really help you to keep moving forward when the going gets tough.

These 3 ways that an Empowerment and Mindset Coach can help you are just the start!

There is so much more that goes on in the coaching process and some parts may take longer than others. This is where I can really help you to move through those blocks and become unstuck so that you can keep moving forward to achieving your goals!

How I can help

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